Our Vision

The department vision is to enhance the quality of life in rural areas by meeting the infrastucture needs of village. The motto has been all weather road connectivity to all habitations of poulation above 500 in Andhra Pradesh. Particular emphasis is laid to ensure villagers quick reach to medical centers during emergencies and that the agructural produce reach market centers for realising appropriate valuation to their hard work.


  • Developing sustainable Rural Infrastructure for improving the quality of life for rural people through connectivity,upgradation of roads and construction of buildings.
  • Strengthening of Asset management system through appropriate maintenance management.
  • Keeping abreast the technical personnel with latest innovative technologies for cost effective and quality construction.
  • To exploit information technology for citizen feedback and grievances Redress system.
  • To improve Transparency for works executed by the department.
  • Hand Holding of Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs) to enable them self sufficient in handling technical works.
  • Plan for up gradation of 27,000 Kms of through routes and MRLs to BT standards.
  • To upgrade the existing Gravel/WBM roads to BT surface for better mobility for all Habitations with population 500 and above.
  • To upgrade the existing earthen roads to Gravel roads for ensuring connectivity to all habitations of population 250 and above.
  • To construct new MPP buildings where there is no building or dilapidated.
  • To provide Connectivity to the habitations under SCP and TSP grants, which are ineligible under PMGSY.