Konkasingi is a small village with a population of 1602 in Golugonda mandal, Visakhapatnam district, which is 3km distance from the R&B road @ A.L.Puram. A BT road was laid long back from A.L.Puram (Narsipatnam–Koyyuru R&B road) to Konkasingi. Due to regular traffic and peak traffic during sugar cane crushing season, the road was damaged badly leaving many pot holes. The same was brought to the notice of the Hon’ble Minister for Panchayat raj and was pleased to sanction an amount of Rs 48.00 lakhs under 13 th Finance grant VIDE G.O RT No 1164 dt 23.12.2014.

The OGPC & Seal Coat are laid with HINCOLA emulsion on trial basis to a length of 1.30 km, from km 0/0 to 1/3 and the remaining 1.70 km with BT using conventional Method during March 2015.

The berms on either side of the road were cleared and half of the road is prepared for laying the HINCOLA emulsion and traffic was allowed on the other half of the road, as in the cold mix, the traffic is not to be allowed for 24 hours.


The surface is prepared by spraying SS1 and RS1 and kept ready for laying the OGPC with HINCOLA emulsion. After thorough mixing in the wet mix plant, the mix was spread on the road, the mix was allowed on the road to settle for 1 hour and after one hour, the mix was compacted with a Three wheel 8-10 Ton Road Roller and no traffic was allowed for 24 hours.


The road was inspected by the Hon’ble Minister for Panchayatraj on 20-04-2015 and very much pleased and instructed the field staff to encourage this technology in future.

The observations are

  • The use of bitumen emulsion (HINCOLA) based cold mix technology for road construction can bring about both energy saving and pollution control by eliminating the heating of binder and aggregates at elevated temperatures.
  • HINCOLA emulsion technology is a cold mix technology and construction is feasible in all climates including cold and wet climates and is costlier by 13.6% over regular conventional method.
  • Pavement with HINCOLA emulsion takes long setting time than the regular conventional method.
  • The surfacing shall not be laid when the atmospheric temperature is below 8°c and or when it is raining. The Mix seal surfacing with cold mix can, however, be laid on a damp surface.